Christmas away from the family

This will be my first Christmas away from my family. I really can’t believe I’m not going back to Lagos for the holiday but whenever I look at the workload I have to get done by January I know I made the right decision hahaha. There’s my final year project midterms, a group project report and of course, exams to study for…..all due in January. If anyone is in my shoes can we please come together for a mini cry session and then a pep talk?

I decided to write this post to remind anyone in this position that you are not alone, at least there’s me. Try to keep yourself preoccupied during the holiday (well, work wouldn’t allow otherwise, to be honest). I’m highlighting this point because it’s easy to get depressed knowing you’re away from family and anxiety from exam preparation. Make sure you have family on speed dial when you miss them, try to meet up with your course mates or friends staying back as well (trust me there are others). Treat yourself, take breaks from studying, your brain would really appreciate it.

On the 22nd of December, there’s going to be a free End of the Year lunch at Young’s Kitchen on campus, organised by the International Student Support Team for International students, guests are also invited!

Take care,