The Jollof Wars

Hey guys, how have you been? Seasons Greetings! I’m so happy it’s the holidays. Initially, I was going to stay in the going UK for Christmas but, after all, the stress from deadlines, I figured I should treat myself to a mini tour around West Africa! And I’m going to take you guys with me 😀 1st stop Ghana. Now, this is my take on the infamous Nigerian/Ghanaian Jollof wars…….. Ehhh Chalee see Jollof is Jollof! It tastes just as great in Ghana as it does in Nigeria, Gabon or Senegal! Lowkey, I like the way Ghanaians make it.




For me, this holiday is about learning more about my history, culture and how to move Africa forward. Ghana is definitely one the most beautiful countries I’ve been too. The vibe is chilled and the people have been very friendly. It is somewhat hard to believe that this used to be an area haunted by slavery and is still undergoing western capitalist exploitation in its cocoa farms.

Today I went to visit The Dubois Memorial Center for Pan-African Culture in Accra, I allowed myself to soak in the heritage of my people and how far we have come. As always being at home brings bitter-sweet feelings especially during Christmas where the gift of giving never seems to be enough.

God Bless

Nana x