Hey there,

My name is Korede Oyegbade and welcome to my  journey as a student at the university of Surrey. Fawziyyah and I are going to be taking over from previous ambassadors and we will be bringing you insight into various experiences, activities and events that go on at the university. I’m going to use my first blog post as an opportunity to introduce myself and give you the chance to get to know me.

I am a second year student, currently studying computer science and looking to undergo an industrial placement next year. I live in lagos, Nigeria (best city in naij, argue with your forefathers). I enjoy both playing and watching sports (football and basketball are my main), music, art, and I’m really into fashion. I’m also very into business and aspire to be an established business man very soon (Lord Sugar is one of my role models), my friends and I recently started a business in which we developed a talent hunt application called “Forte” which is set to launch on the 1st of January 2018. This platform would enable talents to post their work in order to promote themselves, sell their work and even get hired through our application.

If you had told me 2 years ago that I’d end up at the University of Surrey studying computer science, I’d have laughed. Prior to starting university I had no clear vision on what I wanted to study or what school I wanted to go, so I decided to consult my parents. I told my father I wanted to study architecture because I’m all about creativity and innovation. He blatantly said “There’s no money in architecture anymore, study computer science, that’s where the money is”. There was really no room for argument, not because of any coercion whatsoever but because, alongside having a passion for technology, personally I’m money driven and I thought to myself I could always apply my creativity and innovation in computer science.

Durham University was my firm choice and University of Surrey my insurance, I slightly missed my requirements for Durham and ended up in Surrey. I really didn’t know what to expect because I had already set my mind on Durham but after a year, it’s safe to say that I am very happy I ended up in Surrey. Surrey is one of the leading Universities in the UK competing at top level in almost every course. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from experts in my field and make use of the enhanced facilities and technology the University has to offer. There is also diversity amongst staff and students which has given me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and backgrounds. Amidst all the incredible academic qualities and features, the University also offers an exciting an bubbling student life with a dedicated and hardworking student union.

Unfortunately I’m not going back to Lagos for the Christmas break so I’m just going to be watching all the turn ups on snapchat from my bed. At the moment the university is very quiet as people have gone home and most people are preparing for exams, I also have exams in January after which I hope to let you guys know how my christmas break in Guildford went.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

– Korad