Introducing Adenike…

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my diary as a postgraduate student at the University of Surrey. I will be sharing with you my experiences as a student and bringing insights into various activities and events that take place at the university. First off, let me introduce myself.  

My name is Adenike Adewuni. I am a first-year PhD student in the School of Biosciences and Medicine. If you would ask me, what does PhD even mean? Hmmm… I am only a few months in, I would say PhD means reading a bunch of academic articles, understanding them and trying to give yourself a summary of what you’ve read. It means setting personal deadlines and trying hard to meet them. It means independence, discipline, time management, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, academic writing… don’t doze off yet… because, it also means having breakfast and some relaxing time with other PhD students on the black sofas in the Students’ Union during PGR breakfast events (Post Graduate Researchers – PGRs – are PhD students at the University of Surrey). It means enjoying some free drinks and lunch at PGR Club meetings. It has been good so far and I look forward to more beautiful experiences.

Pedestrian entrance to the campus

I will like to engage with you. Ask me anything you would like to know about studying at the University of Surrey. Kindly drop your comments and feel free to send me an email at

Till my next blog,