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Article 50 infographics – updated to January

Another odd month in the tracker: in practical terms, very little has happened, despite all the activity. The problem remains as it did in December (and November): a deep discomfort in Parliament about the Withdrawal Agreement, but no consensus about how to deal with that, either internally or in coordination with the EU. If only […]

Conciliation and trust in the post-Meaningful Vote period

Change sneaks up on you. Certainly I was surprised that my reading of Theresa May’s statement following her heavy defeat on the Meaningful Vote on Tuesday was out-of-step with many others. While they spoke and wrote about how her reaching across the aisle was going to lead to splits in the Tories because many would […]

Process and outcome in Brexit

Another week, another surprising turn of events in the world of Brexit. The pace of life these days is so high that things that might have occupied political life for weeks by themselves have been compressed into days, or even hours. A leadership confidence motion flashes by, new constitutional principles are created from nowhere, alliances […]

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