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Article 50 infographics – updated to December

Ho, ho, ho. What’s Santa got in his sack? Infographics, you say? Oh well. Not a whole lot to show for the past month in these either. For all the sound and fury, there’s not really been any substantive movement. The text is still the text, the ratification problems are still almost all the UK’s […]

I feel strongly about Brexit

This wasn’t the post I was going to write this morning, but frankly after listening to Theresa May grind her way through another less-than-revealing interview, I want to consider one neglected aspect of the current debate on Brexit. The content of the Withdrawal Agreement. As May didn’t-really answer John Humphrys’ less-than-incisive questions, I was struck […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to November

So, a bit of landmark moment for this series of posts: we have a finalised text on the Withdrawal Agreement. For many long periods since March 2017, I’ve wondered if it would ever come to pass, not least since the usage of time seemed rather cavalier (check the big gaps in the timeline below). But […]

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