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The Death of Gaddafi: An Interview with Jason Ralph

October 21, 2011 Professor Jason Ralph (University of Leeds) interviewed by Dr Jack Holland (University of Surrey) On the 9th of November, Professor Jason Ralph will visit the School of Politics and the Centre for International Intervention at Surrey to deliver a lecture on: International law, liberal interventionism and centre-left British foreign policies after Iraq.  […]

Anti-capitalism protests across the globe: rebels with too many causes?

Dr Holland said: “In this instance, that is particularly difficult, as the multitude of causes driving the protest movement arguably only reflects the diversity of opinion about what is wrong with the global economy and how best to fix it. Media commentary on the protests around the world has so far been characterised by intrigue, […]

Crunch time at the UN for the future of Palestine

Jointly authored: Professor Marie Breen-Smyth and Professor Sir Mike Aaronson As the vote whether to give formal recognition goes to the United Nations two experts in International Politics who have just returned from Palestine give their views. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will make a formal request to the United Nations for recognition of Palestine as the […]

Libya after Gaddafi: what kind of regime will emerge?

Rumours of rebel victory a few days ago in Libya were replaced by a reemergence of government forces in the Gaddafi compound.  Rebel claims to have captured the Gaddafi heir apparent Saif al-Islam were followed by his defiant tour of certain streets in Tripoli in government vehicles, demonstrating that he was still, in fact,  at […]

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