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How to Deal with a ‘Rogue’ State: Engaging the Islamic Republic

by John Turner Three concerns confront policy makers and the international community in general when engaging with the Islamic Republic of Iran: Nuclear proliferation, the exportation of terrorism and the stability of Iraq. It may be reasonable, as many have done, to simply label Iran as a rogue state that defies the will of the […]

A French eurosceptic President?

One of the more notable aspects of the French Presidential elections – which have their first round of voting this weekend – has been the extent to which all the candidates have been willing to bash the EU and European integration more generally.  As the very helpful manifesto comparison tool from Le Monde shows all […]

A thought about modelling euroscepticism

PSA 2012 is coming to an end and I’ve had some really interesting and useful discussions with colleagues on a number of subjects.  One topic that came up was an old one, namely the continuing basic problems in researching euroscepticism.  From the very word itself, through definitional and classificational inadequacies to a lack of systematic […]

Putting Fire in Our Bellies

It’s the first day of the Political Studies Association conference in Belfast.  I’ve been presenting on my recent work on eurosceptic discourse, but here I’d like to focus on some of the other themes that have been emerging. The plenary with Matt Flinders on ‘Defending Politics’ was a genuine call to arms to political scientists.  […]

The EU isn’t a state

PS’s piece on EU blogging last week made a very good argument about its core proposition that EU funding of blogging would be a terrible and counter-productive thing (thanks again to @ronpatz for taking sure I read it!). As an aside, PS noted that that EU’s budget goes very disproportionately to agriculture, the result (he […]

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