Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

RAMSGATE and Back to Geneve ♡

Hey Guys!   Hows everyone doing ? I hope everyone’s week has gone well ! 🙂 I flew back home to Geneva, Switzerland a few days ago and my summer has officially begun! Well… Actually during the last week before I left the UK, a group of my friends from church organized a little getaway for […]

Goodwill Festival of Speed 2016 !

For you Car enthusiasts out there, this post is definitely going to thrill you about my latest trip to the Goodwill Festival of Speed 2016 in West Sussex, which is just south from where we are at the University of Surrey. I had never heard of this before but my friend is a huge nerd about […]

Post Exam Happenings…

Since my exams have ended on the 31st May, the month of June must have been pretty exciting with so many things to do, as you can imagine with the freedom I was just granted but… not exactly…. haha –  cause we all know that the only thing worst that exams in finishing ahead all […]

One World Week!

  Hey guys! How is everyone doing? Finals are around the corner, just later than the ones in SG uni 🙂 Last week was really hectic with One World Week happening – there was always something going on every day! This is my second and last time participating in the One World Week (OWW)! So what […]

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