Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

Bath at Sunset šŸŒ…šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§

Hi everyone, As you probably already know by now, I’ve been on my late summer break since last Wednesday as I’d been working on my Masters dissertation all summer. It can’t be considered late summer anymore because the weather’s gone completely wayward and it’s all cold, windy and wet already. So let’s just call it […]

Summer ā˜€ļøšŸ˜Ž arrived Late

Hi everyone, As promised, I owe everyone a proper “Summer in Guildford” post and this is it! Which comes at the right time because my dissertation is finally done and I’m going for an extended break away from Guildford over the next few weeks but also because it’ll soon be Autumn šŸƒšŸ‚ Well… It actually […]

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