Exam time at Surrey… (cue dramatic music)

It’s exam time!! Ah!

To be honest, the idea of coming back from a holiday and diving straight into an exam period baffles me. My brain only switched on properly at the end of last week, by which time I’d already done about five assessments.

Having said that – it is the first time in my life that I can say the idea of writing exams actually doesn’t seem to bad. I’m busy with practical exams only, so no writing for me. The weather is perfect for studying indoors because it’s cold enough not to want to do much else. The University of Surrey also seems to go out of its way to try and make exam time manageable. It’s a bit like the Christmas Decoration Mania. Everywhere you look there are posters and updates about how to cope with exams. The library is (as always) open 24/7, but the shop beneath the library is now also open 24/7! I shudder to think how often they need to re-stock the energy drinks and chocolate shelves…

There are a number of special study-spaces scattered around campus, healthy food and exercise stations at certain spots on certain days, a therapy dog visit, constant reminders about where to get help (with stress, improving your writing, etc.) and – my personal favourite – blankets in the library for students to use!

It is for these reasons that I sometimes wonder whether snuggling up with study books mightn’t be nicer than trudging down to GSA for hours of rehearsals… Oh well. I assume I’ll be swallowing those words as soon as I have to start writing my essays.

I’ve attached some pictures that I couldn’t attach in the last post – yes, I am already reminiscing about the holidays.

Onward we march; almost done!