Internships and Holiday at the Coast!

It is a chilly July morning here in Kenya. The days are ‘dreary’ with lows of 17 degrees Celsius and highs of 25 degrees. I suppose the mood here is altogether the opposite of England at the moment where July means heat not chill.

I traveled back to Kenya for the Long holiday and now that I am here, I realise just how much I missed home. I bet many international students (some home students too) can attest; there is nothing quite like it.

During my time here, I have been trying to keep busy and make the most out of my summer. This is what I have been doing so far:

The first couple of weeks, I spent interning at a tech-firm. From the outskirts, working in tech seemed like quite the ‘turn-around’ from my current degree path but surprisingly, I was encountering a lot of tasks that I am familiar with from Economics… I was working with lots of excel sheets, running and analysing numbers for the company. I also had the opportunity to sit in meetings with real clients!!! All I did was take-down the minutes, but still… very exciting.

During one of the weeks, my family and I went on a short trip to the coast of Kenya. The coast of Kenya is a place characterised by beautiful sandy beaches, marine life and hot and humid weather. We traveled there for exactly that, to relax and unwind as a family and especially to catch-up in person with them since I had been away for about a year. We stayed at a place called Watamu which roughly translates to “sweet people” and indeed everything about the place was sweet; the sunsets especially. Here are some pictures my brother took:

That is all for now folks!