Hi everyone!

Back on the lock-down series…

It goes without saying that this generation of students is facing one of the biggest crises of recent times. That is, we don’t have to (or better yet, we can’t) go to lessons/lectures/library (AWESOME!) but we still have to do work (not so awesome). Thus, I’m sure that many students are facing a similar dilemma of adjusting to this change and coping with academic work from home. I thought I would share with you my own experience of moving my learning online.

During the first week of online studies I was in a conundrum; I had no-where to study! I am not sure how many of you agree but… the bedroom is for relaxing… it’s the LIBRARY that’s for studying. Now that I could not go to the library anymore, I had to come out of this mindset-quick- my studentship depended on it!!

With the cooperation of my roommates, we decided to make our dining room the “study area”. The idea was to create a space for learning to take place, away from distractions and to keep our relaxing spaces …sacred.

We also found that working in a room with a beautiful view outside (especially with the sunny days that spring has brought to us) is a great way to stay motivated and energised!

Next, we made coordinating timetables.
One good thing about the library was that seeing other students seriously carrying about their revision offered some sort of inspiration to get busy too. With a coordinating timetable, it became easy for us to inspire each other to get busy when it was time to work. (By knowing each-other’s timetables… we also know when there’s an all-clear to play loud music and when there isn’t.)

The University of Surrey has gone a long way into easing the process for us. We have been receiving daily bulletin reports from the administration giving us the FACTS about the lockdown thus far and allowing us to understand the position of the university during this crisis.

SurreyLearn which is by far the easiest-to-use Virtual Learning Environment has really come through as well. It has been working as a central hub for all our learning throughout, even more-so proving it’s worth during this lockdown period.

I really appreciate how efficiently the University adapted to the crisis. It speaks volumes of the quality and dedication they have to us…their students.

I am hoping and praying that everyone remains safe during this time.

That’s all for now folks,