MBA, Media Training: Achieving ‘objectivity’

This month Surrey MBA students took part in a three-day media training workshop with team exercises and individual interviews on camera in our state of the art TV Studio.

First students gained understanding of how global news, media and specialist media operate around the world, journalist behaviours and learnt how to communicate with the media objectively.

Students faced realistic scenarios and were coached on defining effective strategies and techniques of communication. Understanding what practical tools we need to develop personal and professional personas when coming across in real time situations.

The final day took place at University of Surrey Television Studios, a fully functioning studio facility on campus. Interviews were conducted by experienced and well-known broadcast journalists BBC’s Rachel Wright and ITN’s Michael Nicholson in the main studio.

Media 2 small size

Jacklynn Stott, full-time Surrey MBA student:

‘‘The media training is such a valuable transferable skill I can add to my CV; both in having developed the skills to engage with the media effectively and also providing us with the skills that can also be applied to a variety of settings.

The reporters that mock interviewed us were very warm and engaging, but challenged us with their questions. We practised thinking quickly and speaking effectively during pressurized interviews (planned and unplanned); techniques I can use in challenging board room discussions, handling conflicts, or skilfully engaging in tough interview questions.

Our instructors stressed the importance of knowing the reporter’s objective and counter-points ahead of time, preparing for your responses wherever possible and not being afraid to re-state your objectives.

Having this unique experience at the University was a fantastic opportunity and I feel fortunate to have had it.”


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