Recent success exploring religious identity and working in the NHS

Dr YingFei Héliot recently ran a very successful NHS funded workshop on 1 May on ‘Exploring Religious Identity and Working in the NHS’.

Dr Héliot commented: “The workshop brought together doctors, nurses, sisters, healthcare managers, social workers, diversity and equality managers and chaplains in the NHS, the Prison Service, inclusion managers from the Ambulance service, as well as chief adviser from the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) and the People Inclusion Culture department from the university. This workshop serves as a starting point to stimulate conversations in this important yet under researched area.”

 The workshop received very positive and encouraging feedback from participants:

It was very thought provoking and the discussions were food for thought.”

“It was so good to experience a diverse group of people from such a range of backgrounds which always brings the energy and dynamism that makes for useful and meaningful discussion.”

“I really enjoyed it. I thought the workshop included a good mix of presentations and table discussions. I think it covered challenges and possible solutions really well and the range of professionals in the room was great.”

 Dr Héliot has been invited to talk as a key speaker in July at the Inclusion Summit 2019 and will be sharing her findings on an ongoing NHS research project.


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