My uni experience – from first year to final year via placement

Writing this blog, I cannot believe that I am officially in the last 3 months of my degree. I’ve had such an amazing experience with ups and downs, highs and lows and I’m so close to having my degree in my hand.

A recap

First year: Thinking back to first year me I was an excited but nervous baby fresher. Moving from a different country was quite tough and starting a new life at uni was daunting. I had the opportunity to experience making new friends, attending events such as freshers’ but also being involved in the campus university community. Living on campus I think was an integral part of my first year – how much I miss being able to roll out of bed 10 minutes before a lecture.

First year 2016-2017

Second Year: Year two was the year we all realised we have to make sure we do work, study on the regular, keep up with our lecture and notes as well as start the process of looking for placement opportunities. I was so lucky to have so much support during this process and throughout my placement as well. Despite it being a difficult and busy year, we still made sure we made time for fun and socialising.

Second year – 2017-2018

Placement Year: That brings us to my placement year – an incredible Erasmus placement in Greece working hands on in a real-time hospital. I had the opportunity to work in a fast paced hospital setting which helped me improve my clinical skillset, patient care, teamwork, organisational skills and an array of experience specific to my course and future career. There was also the personal aspect where I had the opportunity to shadow and learn from a set of amazing doctors, nurses and establish professional relationships for life, and of course I made so many new friends. Ultimately, I gained an invaluable set of skills both on a professional, academic and personal level.

Throughout my placement year I also did a monthly blog about my experience, which you guys can read by clicking here. If you’d like to blog when you’re out on placement, just email

Placement year – 2018-2019

Final Year: Now I’m in my final semester of final year and the pressure is on! Dissertation is due in less than 2 months and juggling modules, dissertation work and writing, part-time work as well as a social life whilst also trying to make decisions about my future is a lot of work. It’s going to be so worth it when I have that picture of me in my gown throwing my hat (not my degree- that’s precious) in the air.

Final year 2019-2020

My uni highlights

I’ve had so many experiences both in academics and my social life during these 4 years of university. An academic highlight would definitely be the paper I wrote during my placement year getting accepted by the University of Surrey Undergraduate Journal (SURJ) to be published. As a scientist an opportunity like that is incredible, especially since I’m still an undergraduate.

A social highlight would definitely be the friends I’ve made for life as we’ve all gone through this experience together and have been there for each other through it all. We’ve spent every exam season studying in our favourite spot in Innovation For Health sciences building and now MySurrey Hive munching on snacks, chatting to the Samaritans and seeking each other’s advice on how to write our upcoming essays and exams. So – a shout out to all my friends and all final years– we’ve got this!

This degree has definitely been challenging and hard at times, but I know it’s all worth it. Next goal: graduation.

See you for my next blog!