Why use LinkedIn? by Marketing Masters student Melody Pan

My LinkedIn experience started during college with a module of creative future development, where we were asked to start crafting our personal brand and building our networks. While I was completely clueless about LinkedIn, fortunately, my lecturer and classmates were there to guide me through the basic functions and navigation of this professional platform.

A screenshot of Melody's LinkedIn profile page
My LinkedIn profile page, including my current role at Complete Digital

Why I created a LinkedIn profile

The initial aim of my LinkedIn profile was as a means to promote my branding and display my portfolio. Over the years, I have discovered more utilities within the platform that enable me to learn, communicate and even develop career prospects. It has now become my go-to app for daily news and updates on commercial awareness, job-seeking and networking opportunities.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn?

  1. Job Applications: the seamless and convenient design of the app facilitated my first job-hunting after graduating my bachelor degree, which landed me a full-time job in the UK for Complete Digital as their Junior Digital Designer in summer 2019.
  2. Networking: asking the question “Do you have LinkedIn? I would like to connect with you” has became prominent request during social events, webinars and recruiting fest. Whether that is connecting with your peers and lecturers, or with your favourite company’s CEO, or a well-know author and novelist, LinkedIn made it all possible at the click of a button and perhaps a genuine line of note along with your request.
  3. Commercial Awareness: through connecting and following people, companies and brands, LinkedIn offers a great utility in receiving latest updates popping up on your feed from your networks covering different areas of interests. Allowing you to absorb new knowledge and comprehend on global insights.

My LinkedIn Highlights

  • Network & Connection: With LinkedIn, the possibility to connect with anyone, whether that is your peer, professors, colleagues or professionals, authors that you admired is endless. The only barrier is to gather the courage in sending them the invitation link and writing a genuine note to them. Personally, I have several examples of connecting with Art Curators, Managers and CEOs after reaching out to them in relation to my dissertation research. The easily accessible design and functionality of the platform allows virtual connection to happen, while encouraging future relationship building and networking.
  • Exposure & Opportunities: I was approached by Bright Network with an invitation to be one of their student ambassadors as a result of my proactiveness on sharing their webinars’ key takeaways and expanding my connections through their events. Read about this in my previous blog

How my opinion of LinkedIn has changed

Previously, I had always seen LinkedIn as more of a professional career development platform, mostly used when I am seeking for jobs. However, now it has become yet another essential social media app that comes up with additional benefits in absorbing insights, gaining knowledge, sharing opinions and engaging in relationships.

My top LinkedIn tip

Be active. Don’t stop. Continuously updating your experiences, improving your profile, showcasing your work, sharing and communicating your ideas, whether that is regarding your school work, extra-curriculum, employment, personal development or business intuition. Keep posts positive and inspiring; people will love to hear your thoughts and there is nothing to be afraid of when posting about your passion, beliefs and goals!