Surrey meets Cyprus

Learn about life at Surrey from a current Cypriot student


PARTY TIME!!!! If you like birthdays this is a blog you should definitely read. So here it goes, on the 15thof June I turned 22 and my boyfriend organized a surprise party with 2 of my close uni friends to celebrate in advance (some of my uni friends already left to go home btw). Basically, […]


I am extremely glad that exam season is over and I hope everyone is now having a relaxing holiday break 🙂 . This blog as many of you realized from the title is about the concert of Beyonce and Jay-z named OTR II. I was lucky enough to purchase a ticket for the 16th of […]

Done with EXAMS

OMG!!! After 4 years at university I finally finished my last ever academic exam yesterday. I still can’t believe it and I have to say exams are not that bad after all.  Even if you think the exam paper is a difficult one at the end the mark you get is not that bad as […]

GOLD Star Award

Sorry for keeping you in the dark about the STAR Awards. I am super busy lately with exams and revising I couldn’t write a blog. Now that I managed to write this blog I want to say good luck to those of you who still have exams and to the rest that finished enjoy the […]


Hello again. This post as many of you noticed is about the Eurovision Song Contest that was held yesterday in Portugal and Cyprus managed to burn the whole stadium. I am super excited to announce that Eleni Foureira stole the show and is Number 1 in our hearts. Indeed, she managed the unachievable so far […]

Madrid, España

Hope your all doing well and enjoying the SUN which is a rare phenomenon here in the UK lol. This blog is about my most recent trip in Madrid before the commence of Semester 2 at the University.  I thought to write where I’ve been and what I enjoyed in order to get my mind-off […]