Researchfish Submission 2022

UKRI studentship reporting policies expect students in their third year onwards to make a Researchfish submission.  In line with this, UKRI have added all studentships that started on or before the 1 February 2020 to the Researchfish system.

However, given the ongoing disruption and delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they understand that some students may not be in a position to report their outcomes to UKRI this year.  For this reason, reporting by students will continue to be optional in 2022.  This is a temporary policy change, and UKRI plan to return to mandatory reporting in the future.  

As studentship reporting will be optional in 2022, UKRI will be changing all studentships to response code 5 (unless they are already code 3).  UKRI will revert these changes after the submission period to ensure that students are told reporting is optional when they log into Researchfish. If anyone has any problems logging into their account or questions about the process this year, please contact How can we help you today? | Researchfish or Please choose a contact method | Researchfish