Job Search Support available for PGRs & ECRs

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Careers and employability support available for PGRs and ECRs through the Doctoral College

Congratulations if you are nearing completion!  As you work on the last pages of your thesis, you may have a job already set up, or perhaps the need to find work is playing on your mind…? Looking for a job can be a challenge, but researchers are well equipped to make a strong offer to employers both in academia and industry.

Wherever you are in your job search, about to start or further ahead, remember tailored support is available from the Doctoral College Careers Consultants.  We can help with:

  • Applications and CVs
  • Preparation for interview, including mock interviews
  • Working with recruiters
  • Effective job search strategies – connecting with employers, both in academia and industry
  • Career planning – understand your options and how to achieve your goals

However experienced a job searcher you are, whether a PGR or ECR, young academic or mature researcher, UK or internationally based, part time or full time, whether you have questions or just want to check everything is on track for a successful job search we would be pleased to see you!

Book an individual appointment here:  Surrey Pathfinder

If you cannot find a convenient time please email both careers consultants and we will get back to you with alternative dates / times:

Meanwhile please do not forget you have access to careers and employability resources including details of events on Surrey Pathfinder | University of Surrey

We look forward to hearing from you!