Exchange students at Surrey

An insight into life at Surrey from current exchange students

Spring Break!!!

By David Vine If you’re reading this from the United States, then you are already very familiar with the concept of spring break: that wonderful week near Easter where you get an entire week off school to go hang out by the beach—or if you’re like me, rent a cabin in the mountains—with a few […]

Entertain me please

It’s a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of March. You’re done with classes for the day. All your assignments are turned in. Life is good. Except, there’s one little problem… You’re bored out of your mind. Crazy, right? You’re in an entirely different country, you should be having the time of your life. What can […]

From your Bedroom to the Classroom

There are two activities that take up the majority of every university student’s time: going to school, and going to sleep. Making sure you have these two areas covered before you head abroad will put you in a better position to worry about the real reasons you’ve over here: meeting new people, traveling to far […]

Congratulations…. You Made it! Now What?

Okay so you have chosen Surrey to be your host university. All your papers are signed and submitted, your bags are packed, and your flight is booked. If you’re anything like I was then you are super nervous because you have no idea what to expect once you arrive. Don’t worry, I got you! Here […]

The University of Surrey: How Did I End Up Here?

I drove one thousand forty-three miles in a car from the University of Central Florida to my house in Cortland, Ohio, hopped on one quick flight to New York, took countless exchanges on the NYC subway system, grabbed one not-so-quick flight from JFK to LGW (that’s London Gatwick airport for those who don’t know), caught […]

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