My international exchange at the University of Sydney

My name is Koroush Khojasteh Abbasi and I went on exchange to the University of Sydney for a semester. I cannot put the experience into words because nothing can fully describe the priceless experiences and memories you will make on exchange. You will have the opportunity to meet loads of new people, make friends for life and enjoy living in a new city. There is something to do for every type of person; something to get involved in.

The University of Sydney is a wonderful place to study at. The facilities are all modern and amazing. The campus is absolutely stunning and the people you meet are friendly and welcoming. Academically, the University of Sydney is a top University and staying on top of things can be challenging from time to time. However, the experience of studying in a different country allows you to understand your subject more deeply and approach problems from various angles. One of the modules that I took on exchange was Intermediate Macroeconomics and it was fascinating to learn about the Australian approach.

Sydney itself has loads to offer and is definitely a place to be. The city always has a positive vibe and with loads of activities always on offer you may find it tricky to choose between them. You will not spend a single sunny weekend at home with loads of fantastic beaches just a bus ride away from you. Moreover, travelling around Australia is a must. The east coast has so many nice places to visit. Whitsunday islands are absolutely stunning and they are only one of the many places that you just can’t afford to miss before you are back on that plane to the rainy UK. The only downside to going on exchange is that you will be away from your friends and family for a while. To be honest I personally think that is actually a good thing because it pushes you to make new friends and be more independent.

I believe going on exchange is one of the best decisions of my life and I think whoever has the opportunity to go should not think twice for a split second. Trust me it is that good.


Koroush Khojasteh, Economics and Finance