Examinations- academic atmosphere at Surrey

Finally it’s the end of exam period, hope everyone did well and can have some good rest after it!

At University of Surrey, there are two semesters per academic year with a total of 8 modules. Some subjects only count assignments or tests as the final mark. Otherwise, exams are on the 13th and 14th week, which is usually on the late January for semester 1 and late June for semester 2.

Unlike University in Hong Kong, students don’t have to choose their own modules and timeslots, students can view their timetable online before the semester start. However, year 2 and 3 students can choose electives on top of their core modules. Moreover, year 1’s results are not counted to the final marks on transcript. Yet, make sure you tried your best as you’ll need this result for job hunting!

It may sounds obvious, but during the examination, just like any public exams in Hong Kong, students should stop talking once they entered the examination hall. Mobile phones must be turned off and have to be inside your bag alongside with any other books and notes. One super important note: the calculators you are using for Hong Kong examinations ARE NOT ALLOWED at Surrey. You can check which calculators models are allowed for Surrey’s exam when you receive your module handbook.

Lastly, no matter how good or bad you did in the exams, it’s over! After the examinations in semester 1, there will be a week of reading week which allow you to prepare for the semester 2. Nevertheless, this is a really good opportunity for you to explore other cities or even countries near UK! I’ll continue this topic in the next blog entry.