My Trip to London

Hi everyone is Diana here,

After the exams I took a short trip to London and stayed at my cousin’s for a couple of days. It was lovely to see some of my friends again and I have had a really good time. I went to visit Tower Bridge and it was amazing. It is a very famous tourist spot and it is best known for its beautiful structure and it is a bascule bridge. You can also book a tour to go up to the towers where they built in a glass floor so you can look down on the bridge and the river.  There are many nice restaurants along the river, and it is really relaxing to go for a walk there. Just about a 5 minutes walk from the London Bridge station, there is Borough Market. It is a huge food market that you can find almost any kinds of food or products there. The varieties of food range from fresh vegetables and fruits, seafoods and meats from local farms, bakery goods and wines. You can also find a few restaurants, bars and cafes there to spend your time.

Here are some pictures I took of Tower Bridge:

IMG_2265  IMG_2262

From more information about Tower Bridge, please visit:

And for Borough Market, please visit:

Till next time, xoxo Diana