When Beauty meets the Beast

Hello everyone🦌🦌,

Last week we Surrey students witnessed a story of romance – Beauty and the Beast.
Reports have suggested that UK has experienced the worst weather❄️❄️ ever 1963. With temperatures plunging below freezing, the collision of ‘Storm Emma’ with the Beast from the ‘East the Storm Emma’ creates powerful chemistry that affects every single one of us.
(Opps perhaps I have mixed it up with the fairytale)
‘Tale as old as time’  – And life still needs to carry on their love apparently does not mean my assignments deadline will get postponed🆘 (library opens 24 hours however the weather conditions).
So I go to school by bus🚌…
which  observes the place of pilgrimage🗽.
I paid a visit to Alan Turing to see how is the process of decrypting ‘Enigma’ encoder going..
And then Walked to the frozen lake…
Which somehow I think of ….. ‘frozen lake’ anyway. (I go to school by bus)

Feel like February has passed away behind the scenes. Although Surrey has offered academic supports to each of us,  it is not easy to get to the final stage of university life. Whilst coursework in each module is due to submit, I have also promised myself to work superbly hard on my dissertation. Meanwhile, not only the word ‘study’ fills up my timetable, I have also signed up for some of the career-oriented workshop. It has brought to our Surrey students’ attentions that the university has invested on a number of employability programmes.
For the most recently one I have joined  it was a workshop talking about UK Tier 2 working visa.  I have seldom joined  an event of the sort before, so it is quite surprising to me that the event has drawn a full house. There are many useful and informational tips around the topic being given in that hour, which includes the the conditions of a UK Tier 2 Visa application and how it can potentially support our status of Infinite Leave to remain.

N.B. 1 In my second year of Sociology degree, I need to take quantitative research method module (same as what Gabriella’s buddy does)  which I now find it absolutely helpful to my dissertation. I remembered that my lecturer is really fantastic because she will never hesitate to teach us anything in regards to the SPSS model. There was a mini project we had to submit before the end of the module. One important set-up of the mini project was that we must firstly identity three independent variables which are significantly related or otherwise, it is not possible to proceed to the next stage. In one of the two-hour workshop, she asked us to start doing the set-up and she then literally ask everyone of us if everything was alright. I could feel that everyone in the room is a bit under pressure but no one would deny the efforts she has made to inspire us. When you get a real expert on the field of quantitative research, that kind of learning atmosphere is what you should have expected.

N.B. 2   As Hillary has recommended to taste the experience of  living off campus, what I want to add on is that indeed my accommodation in my second year was managed by the The University of Surrey Lettings (USL) agency. Although it is off-campus, I would say that my house (and I am sure others) has a first-class geographical location because it takes you less than 10 minutes for a walk either to campus or to city centre. Most importantly, living out with my best buddies at University of Surrey is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Drop us an email on hongkong@surrey.ac.uk if anything (I mean anything) about Surrey you may want to discover more. Until then, that’s all for now.
David x