The submission day of my Sociology dissertation

Hello everyone,

After the seamless work for my dissertation before the Easter break, during the Easter break, and after the Easter break, I am finally free to enjoy the summer breeze!

8th May (4 p.m.) is the deadline of my dissertation submission. The weather seemed to hitherto be relatively nice to me on the submission day and I would interpret that as an auspice of me getting a decent grade lol.

With the beauteous weather, I climb to the top floor of for the stunning view of the lake.

btw below is some of the accommodation for students on campus.

Okay let’s back to my dissertation. While some students in Surrey Business School may not need to write up a dissertation for their degrees, nearly all students under the faculty of Art and Social Science are still following the tradition.

This little receipt marks the end of my dissertation journey for the past six months.

Admittedly dissertation is a real challenge to me; to excuse a research project everything needs to start from scratch. A big misconception of dissertation is that students need to finish the project all the way on their own. Nooooo……dissertation is a process of learning, therefore the whole process is encompassed by a chain of academic support.

There are fortnightly workshops dedicated to offer some instructive advises for our own projects. On top of that, each of us will get assigned a personal tutor and I would say that my personal tutor is ABSOLUTELY a great resource for my dissertation writing. Back to the very beginning stage of my dissertation, I barely have initiatives to carry out research because I can hardly find anything specifically interesting to me.

I remembered that my tutor has  spent 2 hours with me together just to ‘brainstorm’ the topic of my dissertation. Even though my progress was slightly behind others in every stage of dissertation, she kept patiently guiding my work by the instructive comments on my analysis of literature and my evaluation of methodology.

Everyone is working hard with sort of motivations. The origin of my motivation is the little encouragement from my personal tutor: ‘I will give you all the support on academic style because I value your contribution of original ideas to the academic field.’

I thought it might be a good idea to summarise my thanksgiving to my personal tutor with this line of lyric:

‘..When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me..’ 🌜



While the allegedly toughest moment of undergraduate studies is passed, I can’t wait to tick off the first and foremost thing on my to-do-list: join a mini social with other Hong Kong ambassadors .

Indeed we always bump into each other around the campus, quite a pity to say that it is harder than expected to find a best time which fits into all of our schedules. That’s because , obviously, every one of us has taken the recommendation of Dinan and ‘learn to say no’.

As a result, Diana is missing in the family photos…🤦‍♂️

In summer, Diana will be joining for helping out in a number of education fairs and pre-departure event. While we HK ambassador can  ‘missing puzzle’ , it is also a golden opportunity to get yourself closer for the imagination No matter whether Surrey is your destination of choice, don’t hesitate to say a hello to us and ask for anything you want to know about studying  in the UK .

Meanwhile, do as usual keep dropping us an email on for anything you feel curious about university life at Surrey .More importantly, keep an eye on our blogs if it helps you to frame your imagination of university life at Surrey.

(Photo credit to KS LAB (KS Chow) @Flickr on 16th May, 2018 )


Until then, meet you at the blog next week.

David xx