The temptation of final exams

Hey guys,

It is already June. and the thing all of us we’ll do on the first day of June is..

by all means revision.

The exam period itself lasts for 3 weeks. Fortunate enough, My two exams are scheduled on the first day of the exam period (26th May) and the very end of it (12th June). The two-week gap in between has really bought me much time to prepare for my very last exam for my undergraduate journey….as a result I decide to escape the university for a day (although I am now regretting because as a trade off  I have to study until 3. a.m. in the following days )

The postal museum is just 30 minutes away by tubes from the Waterloo Station.


Before anything started, I was totally immersed by this pair of seasoning bottles when having lunch.

Therefore I have not even hesitated before taking them home.

The highlight of our ‘escape-from-exam’ trip is a ride on the Mailrail. The Post Office railway is a railway specifically constructed for mail service back to 1930s. Since traffic congestion on road caused serious issues on the efficiency of postal service, the Mailrail had its objective to deliver letters and parcels around the central London until May 2003.

Since there is a restriction of the number of visitors for the mail ride access, we have made a reservation two months in advance; although I can’t remember why we have chosen a day within the exam period for the visit.

The theatrical experience is just a tiny corner of the museum; there are interactive workshops which presents the history of the Mailrail.


I would take that as a little moment of retreat…woohoo!

You’ll never be gutted when you walk along the River Thames on the way to the Waterloo station: the night view is just astonishing.

One little ask to you guys this time : please wish me best of luck to my ‘final’ exam!

Catch you up next week 🙂

David xx