Moving in Essentials?! part 2.

Hey y’all! I’m back at it with part deux of moving in series!

What’s next? So you know about Tescos which is 10minutes away from Manor Park. In town, we’ve got a few other choices if you can’t find what you need! 

Budget wise, we’ve got Sainsbury and Tescos (Tesco Express might be slightly more expensive),

and for quality grocery shopping, we’ve got Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.

For those who are going to be staying at university accommodation on campus, we’ve got SimplyFresh! It’s right next to the library and our merch store, AppleSeed! Whether it’s a quick snack or you’ve got a craving for Mexican food, we’ve got it at SimplyFresh! Honestly such a lifesaver for all those late nights at the library trying to get all that information in my head before exams…if I could learn through osmosis…hmm, well that’s a story for another time!

Homesickness- we’ve got a fix for that too here at Guildford!

Right across the street from the bus station at the town center, there’s Chinese Taste! One of the most popular Chinese supermarkets in town! You can find almost everything there! From dumplings to homemade bubble pearls! You name it!

Welps! That concludes it!

Later dudes!