Cooking on your own?

Hey guys!

I’m coming into my second year, so that means a ton of workload and irregular meals, I came back to the UK two weeks before freshers’ week and yet, I still can’t manage to fit in a little grocery shopping. Luckily I saw this coming, so I tried out a meal delivery service: SimplyFreshUK!

I went on the website, registered, picked the type of meal I wanted and selected when I wanted it to arrive. They had set meals; from classic, vegetarian to rapid!

There was a student discount so I only had to pay £10 per week, which includes 3 meals for 2!

So what’s inside?

The package came and it contains a fixed amount of ingredients for you to use, however, all the ingredients are untouched, meaning you would have to chop up those onions or dice the garlic yourself! And along the way, you learn the proper way to cook! Exactly what every mom wants to hear haha!

The food is fresh so they must be consumed within a few days!

Rest assured, it comes with recipes so you don’t have to worry it might not go as planned.

The results…!

Though nothing beats a home cooked meal with your family… on the bright side, you can pick whichever cuisine you like, from European to Chinese!