Part 3: My accommodation experience…😉

Hi all! For the last two blogs, I talked about on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. This time I am going to share my accommodation experience living in university accommodation and USL accommodation respectively. 😜

In my first year, believe it or not, I stayed in two university accommodations – Band A shared room at Stg Hill court and Band C single room at Battersea court! In the beginning, I was allocated for a Band A shared room in Stag Hill court, which shares a split-level room with a roommate. There are 172 rooms in total on Stag Hill campus, enjoying the cheapest rent (£72/ per week) among all university accommodations. For Stag Hill Court accommodation, it consists of 2 Band A shared rooms on the second floor and 6 Band C rooms on the first floor. I really enjoyed my first year staying there, I met a bunch of wonderful housemates!😍 The other reason I enjoyed staying on campus is the location for sure. It is just a few minutes walking distances to different classrooms and it is located in between Tesco superstore/ Surrey Sports Park and Guildford town centre. Furthermore, we got a really nice and friendly cleaner to clean the house for us regularly! For more information about Band A shared room, please click here.

Now let me tell you the reason why I stayed at Battersea Court HAHA

I really had an amazing time living with my 9 housemates. Unfortunately, when it was about one month before the semester end, the pipe of our house didn’t work properly. 😩For safety consideration, we were then separated and I was lucky enough to get upgraded to live in a Band C accommodation at Battersea Court locating opposite to the library. I was then spending my last month in a single room in a 12-room flat. Despite being a newcomer and only spending one month staying there, the flatmates helped me settle down at my new place! 👍🏻Check out more about Band C room in other accommodations here.

It was an unforgettable memory staying in the school accommodation! I believe it is the first time living without our family, especially for international students. I become more independent because I have to cook and do the room cleaning on my own.😵 Let me tell you I still remembered the embarrassing moment when I tried to cook and kickstart on the first day of school. I forgot to turn off the stove and then accidentally melted part of the spatula handle… is a story I will never forget.👀

Let’s move on to my second-year accommodation!✌🏻

My friend and I applied USL accommodation that we are now sharing the accommodation with 5 more people. I am now paying £590 per month on a whole year contract. We just have to share the Wifi bill and other bills are included! One tip when you will be sharing the accommodation with others is to come up with a cleaning schedule with the housemates. It is because we no longer have a cleaner like before living in university accommodations. It is better when you guys take turns to empty to bins and clean the house. So far I really like the cosiness of my room and I literally get used to walking for 20 minutes from my place to the university! It is a little workout for myself, isn’t it? 👣

No matter what kinds of accommodation you gonna stay for next year! Wish you enjoy your stay and please do not hesitate to drop in at SurreyHive for any enquiries regarding the accommodation. 😇 See you guys in the next blog! 💕