How to Ace a Job Interview?

Hi guys, today I will be sharing some tips on how to ace a job interview. There are several advices which I have accumulated from last year placement application process, hope they can be helpful in your placement application and graduate job processes. 

First, congratulations to you for proceeding onto the next stage of the application process! So, it is not long to get the job now! 

Prior to the interview, there are loads for you to prepare.

As these materials might take a longer time than you would expect, so better start a couple of days earlier. Most importantly, search about the company beliefs, past achievement and current projects. Secondly, match your strengths to the ‘desired skills for the job’ on their job advertisements. Thirdly, list out some predicted questions that interviewers might commonly ask for. 

  • For instance, “Introduce yourself”, “Why did you apply for this position?”. “What are you aiming to achieve from this position?” and “Why do you consider yourself as the most suitable candidate?”

Lastly, conduct a background search on the interviewer (i.e. achievement, job role, supervising style) if you have extra time. 

On the day

Face-to-face interview

  • Arrive the venue 30mins early
  • Prepare stationery to show your preparedness and actually care about the applied job
  • Smile more and give some hand gesture

Phone interview

  • Warm-up your mouth by practising your introduction to self
  • Heighten up your speaking tone and ensure you are speaking clearly and loudly 
  • Be ready 30mins before the interview
  • Can write up some notes on a memo about the answers that you might ask

Skype interview 

  • Keep your eye contact with the computer camera directly
  • Can sometimes show your hand gestures during your conversation
  • More obvious facial expression and smile more
  • Listen and comprehend carefully before answering any question

After the interview, here is a little secret tip for you.

Send a ‘Thank you’ email to the interviewer. As to thank the interviewer for his or her time on this occasion. Also, to express your further interest in this job after the interview. And state that ‘you are looking forward to their update on your application status’ in the email. I have been sticking with this little follow-up action for 3 years already. Honestly speaking, it can leave a quite strong impression on the interviewer afterwards, and it might help your application to stand out from the crowd!

To find further support, our Surrey Employability centre has many resources on interview preparation for us too. You can book online appointments on sessions like Mock Interviews, General Career Consulting session, Guidance Interview on CV and Cover Letter. Thus, before the interview, you can receive guidance from our University consultants to be better equipped for the actual one. Click on this link for further support from the University!