Keep Your Head Up~

As this final semester is about to finish, I guess many pupils might have a similar situation to me – I am currently being overwhelmed by assignments and exams. But NO WORRIES, I have got your back!

Things might be a little bit jumbled right now, but keep up the good work. As better days are coming, summer is coming, and the days to meet your friends are approaching. Today’s blog is rather causal, as we don’t always have to take things seriously, don’t we? 

First, I would love to stress the importance of mental health to you all again. Personally, the Counselling support in Surrey is undoubtedly strong for students in need. For instance, our amazing Samaritans team is always ready for students who want to share their feelings anonymously. Also, the University has just set up a ‘Positive Minds’ support group for students who are feeling low too. Therefore, don’t keep those upset feelings into yourself, talk to someone, sometimes you will feel better even you just say it out.

I also want to share a few songs that I have been looping these days to you all. The first one is “I Like Me Better” by Lauv, and the other one is “I Love Me“ by Demi Lovato. Self-care is a MUST for everyone! No matter how strong you think you are, you always need to take care of your mental health 🙂

Recently, I have found an inspirational YouTuber – Thomas Frank who shares tips on Productivity, Goal-setting behaviour. I particularly found one of his videos – “How to Stay Focused” helpful for days like these, when motivation is rather low. Watch his clips, I hope you will find his videos as helpful as I do 🙂