Tired body but the mind is wide awake?

Who has ever had a similar situation before? Your body is completely exhausted, but the mind seems too actively awake. Sometimes you even have to go to bed a few hours earlier, just to give some time for your mind to calm down and stop thinking. I have this experience recently. Therefore, I would like to share how you can deal with this struggle to you all today.

What is this situation?

This is one of the symptoms of Insomnia, being physically fatigued but mentally awake. According to Psychology Today, an online Psychology Encyclopedia website, Insomnia is becoming more prevalent for modern citizens, owing to their prolonged living pattern. As people are busier with more tasks to achieve every day, overtime working lives, delayed eating schedules, and late sleeping time can cause disruption to their quality of sleep. Therefore, with such constant delay of living pattern, their minds hardly stop running until people actually go went into sleep.

What can You Do?

  • Stop using your phone 30mins before you go to bed
  • Turn on Mood Light or Night Light next to your bed
  • Try to meditate or write up a daily journal to calm yourself down
  • Do a light stretch on full body
  • Listen to white noise or piano music as the background noise
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Try these tips, I hope you all can win over sleepless nights!