End of uni?!

Hey Guys!

I’m officially done with uni! It’s been a ride these three years and I am honestly so grateful for the opportunities I came across and people I’ve met! A big thank you to Surrey for shaping me into the person I am today!

Given the current climate, I understand it is difficult to carry on with the work we are given, where it be studies or working from home. However, there is a lot of content online that can keep us busy, such as online courses!

Despite my degree in human resources, I have developed a passion for analyzing data and programming, however, I still lack the proper skillset if I were to jumpstart my career in this aspect.

So I got to looking up online courses on google! And I found edX!

They are currently offering a range of programs by well-known universities and in a short time of 4-6weeks you are able to qualify yourself for a certificate!

This is how it’ll look like after you have enrolled!

It’s surprisingly easy to do anything at home and this way, I was able to explore on the different areas of my interest!

Learning these skillsets online is also a great addition to your resume! I can’t wait to learn more about data analytics from here on out!