New adventure πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

It has been a while guys! How are you? πŸ˜‰
These few months have been hectic…I have been busying with school work and adapting to a new environment – my new life in London! πŸš‡
As mentioned previously, I have received a placement offer and will be working in London starting from this coming July. Since I have taken the 15-month placement pathway, this will be counted as a part of my masters study. Super excited, but also feeling very nervous as life here will surely be very different from that in Guildford!

Moving out from Manor Park, my friend and I decided to rent a new place in London, therefore we have been busy hunting for apartments lately! Finally today, we have made our decision and will be moving in our new place by this weekend! More updates on the new apartment will be made here soon! Stay tuned if you are interested in knowing more!

If you’re hoping to live off-campus or if you wish to live outside Guildford, there are a few property websites that might be helpful:

Rightmove ( – a very popular property website which allows you to find properties pretty much anywhere in the UK, most of the properties there are listed by letting agencies.

OpenRent ( – a website showing properties either directly listed by landlord or letting agencies. What’s good about this website is that for some of the properties which is directly rented out and managed by the landlords themselves, you can skip the middleman and negotiate directly with the landlord.

Zoopla ( – I personally recommend this website the most as I found mine on this! What’s different for this website is that they provide an estimated running costs which allows you to have idea of the total cost of properties that do not include bills in their rent! If you are on a tight budget and would like to make sure you won’t spend more than you actually expected, this would be a very useful website for you.

Facebook pages and groups
(θ‹±εœ‹η”Ÿζ΄»θ³‡θ¨Šβ‡¨ι•·η§Ÿβˆ£ηŸ­η§Ÿβˆ£θˆŠη‰©θ²·θ³£/ θ‹±εœ‹ζˆΏε±‹ε‡Ίη§Ÿ/找屋/θ½‰η§Ÿθ³‡θ¨Šη«™) – I did also joined some Facebook groups which people in the UK put up properties that they hope to sell or rent out. It is useful for those who are looking for a flatmate to share the flat with or hoping to find properties with shorter contract terms.

I’ll be sharing about my new apartment or new stories about my life here in London in the next blog! Stay safe and enjoy the perfect summer weather here in England! 🌀