Get ready for uni – packing

Are you guys ready to start school? Just 1 month and a bit, it is expected that most of us will kickstart for the new academic year. Especially to the newbies, I reckon you may not have a clear idea of what to pack in your suitcase. For today’s topic, I will suggest some must-bring items, whilst avoiding luggage overweight.

I still regret how much I packed my suitcase when I can actually find most of the essentials I need in Guildford at ease. There are three supermarkets in Guilford (Tesco, Sainsbury and Waitrose), stores selling electrical devices, kitchen utensils and clothes in shopping malls (The Friary, White Lion Walk, House of Fraser). You can always do online shopping on Amazon, clothing on ASOS and more. Therefore, I suggest bringing something that cannot be easily found in the UK which is comparatively more expensive than the price you got in Hong Kong.

Here is the list of my suggested items to bring along~

  • Computer and charger
  • Extension cord/ adaptors
    -please be reminded NOT to plug electrical appliances with high power consumption
  • Non-programmable calculator
    – programmable calculator (like the ones we use for HKDSE) is prohibited in the exam centre
  • Blanket and duvet
    – something extra to stay warm in winter nights!
  • Hangers/ rope
    – sometimes clothes may not be dry enough from the drying machine, try hanging in your room to let them dry naturally
  • Laundry bag
  • Clothes
    – the temperature difference varies from daytime to nighttime, you can always get them online with student discount
  • First-aid kit
  • Rice cooker
    – easier and cheaper to get in HK
  • Food
    – there is an Asian store in town selling an array of Asian food and snacks, yet you can also consider packing some from HK!

Apart from the items I suggested above, you can also attend the pre-departure event held by Hong Kong Society to raise questions. Moreover, there are videos available on Youtube for packing advice, like this video! One more thing! If you find it hard to commute to the university on your own upon arrival, ‘Meet and Greet’ event is available through our university website before departure. Simply fill in your arrival details, students ambassadors can pick you up from Heathrow Airport/ Gatwick Airport.

Safe flight and see you guys soon!