Let’s go on top of Matterhorn!

One of the most important and iconic attractions here in Switzerland, the symbolic mountain that we often see on Toblerone(三角朱古力), is just where we are going this time – where you may often see normal tourists and people with full set of skiing gear. Chill! There are various ways to get to Zermatt, you may […]

⛸️ Ice Skating at Guildford Spectrum

Wondering what sports facilities are available at Guildford? Check out The Spectrum! The leisure complex is owned by Guildford Borough Council, located on the outskirts of Guildford. It includes an Olympic-sized indoor ice rink, bowling lanes, gyms and various swimming pools. So, as the title suggests, we will be looking at their ice skating facilities today. […]

The week of conflicting seasons: snow day

I always get asked what’s the hardest thing to adjust to living in the UK. (英國生活最難適應係邊方便?) Without fail, weather comes to mind. After all, there’s a reason why half of British banter and all of small talk begins with what the weather is like outside. British weather is like me when I’m asked what I […]

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