Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from three current Indian students.

Christmas, New Year and Snow…

Hi all, I hope you had a smashing Christmas and new year. I know I did- Christmas at Manchester, Boxing Day at various shopping centres and New Year Fireworks at Greenwich. And when I got back to the university after weeks of happy eating, we had snow here. Just imagine! You are sitting in the […]

Autumn in Surrey

Hey Guys!   So,   Autumn is officially here. Personally, I think autumn is more colourful and breathtaking than spring. Maybe its because a single tree can express a mix of 5 colours (or more). This is what I mean 🙂     Many students (who are now cozily settled in uni) told me that […]

Meet and greet!

Hello! I am happy to say that we’ve had almost a hundred students from India this September! It amazing to see so many students and the campus is bubbling with energy on this beautiful sunny day! The feedback on the meet and greet service has been great so far! If anyone one of you is joining […]

The Surrey Sports Park

Hi Everyone! 🙂 Today, I will tell you a bit about the sports facilities here at Surrey. So, the Surrey Sports Park is the elite training venue at the University of Surrey offering world class sports and events facilities. It is located at about 15 minute walk form the main campus, Stag Hill. The university has […]

Welcoming summer (and scholarships)! ♣

Hi everybody!   Finally a blog post after 2 months. It has been one very busy semester for me here, also with the Easter break in between. Having at least 4 lectures a day is pretty exhausting, with a lot of catching up to do. A very interesting thing to mention this season: it is […]

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