Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from three current Indian students.

Trip to Downhouse!

Hi Everybody! Today I’ll be talking about my recent trip to Downhouse. Down House is the  home of the English naturalist Charles Darwin and his family.I’m sure you may have heard about Darwin in some point in your life. ( Maybe during your school years) This Trip was organised by one of my friends and […]

A week to remember

Hey guys! I’m back with some interesting stuff to tell you this week. First of all… I received my semester  1 results. I was quite pleased with myself unlike pretty much some of my friends. Well… my opinion about coming to study in the UK is that, if you know how to balance work and […]

Welcome new students!!

Hi everyone!   Very excited to see new faces in the university. Huge and warm welcome to our February starters! I hope you are enjoying you first few days around campus. The refresher’s fayre is an incredible opportunity for students starting in February to explore the fun societies and sports club that are run by […]

Personal statement

Hi there, Since the personal statement is one of the most important deciding factor to gain admission on any UK higher education institute, I thought I will share some of my experiences and also include tips on how to write the perfect one. My first step was to list down the things needed to include […]


*wordless personal handshake* Hope everyone had a terrific start. I sincerely wish all your weight loss resolutions to become a success- so jog to the gym everyday! For those students who stay at university during Christmas holidays, International end of year lunch is a great event to look forward to. I met lovely people from […]

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