Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from three current Indian students.

Goodbye Surrey

My last day at this university. I have been a part of this campus for a year now, feels surreal. Last year, sometime around November, I wrote my first blog as an Indian Student Ambassador. This will be my final blog bidding goodbye to the university tomorrow and memories of the past year is giving me […]

5 days of Summer

Non-British people humor English summer season as ‘5 days of Summer’. The reason behind this is exactly what the phrase says, Britain experiences summer for a maximum number of 5 days during their whole summer season. Well, I cannot deem this to be completely true as summer season has not ended here yet. But since […]

Summer Break!!

Hi all, Hope you all are doing well. It’s been a long since I blogged sorry about that was busy with the exams. As it was difficult for me to commute during the revision weeks I decide to stay in the university accommodation. When I told the same to accommodation services they were kind enough […]

End of exams

Hello guys, Sorry for being so inconsistent with the blogs. I am finally done with my lectures and also my exams. To be frank, I did not experience much stress during the exam time. That must be because I had just one exam and had plenty of time to study and revise. That was not […]


Hello, Sorry for not being consistent with my blogs, as my second semester is keeping me really busy. There are a bunch of things happening in university as the final year undergraduates and getting ready for their graduation and the rest of the undergraduates are waiting for their 3 month break, FYI: I envy them […]

Long time no see

Hey guys, So sorry for the absence of blogs for the past few weeks. The university was closed for Easter break and I was bombarded with courseworks as soon as university reopened. The past few weeks have been very eventful I must say. Before the easter break, the university hosted a number of events run […]

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