Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from three current Indian students.

Long time no see

Hey guys, So sorry for the absence of blogs for the past few weeks. The university was closed for Easter break and I was bombarded with courseworks as soon as university reopened. The past few weeks have been very eventful I must say. Before the easter break, the university hosted a number of events run […]

Stone Henge

Hi all,

Hope you are doing good. Last Saturday was my first visit to a historical monument in UK and it was Stonehenge. It is one of the pre-historic monument and was built in 3000B.C. And the surprising thing about it is, there is no particular reason why it was built. There were excavations recently to know how and why it was built. All the valuables were displayed in the exhibition which was at the entrance. Some of them were like Facial reconstruction of a man who lived there when the Stonehenge was built. I watched in many TV shows that facial reconstruction is possible but when I saw it there, I was speechless. As we exited the exhibition we could see the old homes which were also reconstructed recently. It showed how the people in the past lived their and also some the tools that they used to hunt animals like knifes, bows and arrows. Just beside the exhibition there was artificially made which resembles just like one of the stones used in constructing it. There was a rope tied to it and visitors were allowed to pull it. I tried pulling and it said 99 more needed, this showed me how weak I’m and also the purpose of it was to show how hard it would have been for the people in 3000 B.C to bring it there and place it in such a position that, a person standing in the circle of the Stonehenge and watching the sunrise on June 21st “Summer solstice” is nothing short of magical. The only disappointing thing when we visited, it was very cold with heavy wind, we were not able to stand their and admire the beauty for more than 3omins. I would definitely recommend visiting Stonehenge if you are in UK even for a short trip. The best time visit is on the Summer and winter solstice. Will see you next week with more updates on my Cardiff and Italy trip.

Battle of Bollywood

Balle Balle! We did it. We are the official Runners up of the Battle of Bollywood competition that took part in O2 London on the 8th of March, 2015. I am proud to tell you that I was a member of the Surrey Dance Crew. Happiness was beyond measure after we won 2nd as the sweat […]

University Accomodation

As a part of “Calling Campaign” we spoke to few Post graduates students who had been offered a place in Surrey. It was really nice talking to you and those who dint receive a call don’t panic, you will hear from us in upcoming days. Many of you had queries regarding applying for University accommodation. […]

Indian Students Association

Being an Indian student in the University, I find Indian associations and Indian society events very exciting. Living miles away from India, and yet being part of a group of people who share the same culture and tradition as you is amazing. Indian Students Association (ISA) is a part of one of the students union […]

Semester 2

Hi all, After a week off, the second semester has started. Students Union is rocking with upcoming events and trips in February and March. Students Union here in Surrey are very active and they come up with many events and even they are quiet good offering volunteering services.  And I’m eagerly looking forward for it. There are day […]

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