School-Style Sports Day!

Heyyyyyy everybody! How’s everyone doing? The weather here in England turned very warm since last week and it was becoming to look really like Malaysia (or maybe not 😛 ). The weather during beginning of May was still quite cold and windy ranging around 15 degree Celsius, but it surged to almost 26 degree Celsius the last few days and it was really hot. Many students start to dress in shorts and t-shirts and also took the opportunity to picnic around the campus fields and by the lake. And oh, the Malaysian Society also planned a BBQ event by the lake this coming Saturday which I guess it will be a really fun time gathering all fellow Malaysians together. Too bad I’ll be away for a HOST visit again this week so I won’t be able to join in the fun 🙁

Back to the topic today, the University’s Student Union organizes many events in a year and they actually organised something special- “Kindergarten Style” Sports Day last Wednesday. There’s a total of 8 races during the day, which includes:

  • 3 legged race
  • Wheel barrow race
  • Egg and spoon
  • Space hopper
  • Sack race
  • Bean bag race
  • Sprint
  • Relay

We were supposed to form a team of 8-10 people to join in the race. My flatmate was really interested in the game and thus she managed to pull up a team to join in. I was supposed to be part of the team initially but I decided that I preferred to be part of the cheer leading team instead so I give out my space to another girl who is more interested to compete 🙂

On the day itself, we reached the Sports Park at 2pm to prepare ourselves for the event. We were the only Asian team (or China team as I’m the only odd one that is from Malaysia) and all the others were Whites which are really huge and tall when we stand beside them! However, we manage to calm ourselves down and told ourselves that we shouldn’t stressed out but just enjoy the day reminiscing the time we had as children running under the sun and having fun with the bean bags and sack games. 🙂 There were also a face painting stall in the event and me and my friend managed to get our face painted! This really brings back memories during primary school when we have Sports Day, face painting, mascot dress up, tent design competition and etc. Oh how time flies! 🙁

And then the game starts. Competition is really intense and its really fun standing beside watching how they compete and also cheering for them. Most of the time the teams reaches the winning line almost the same time by just seconds of difference and all of us were literally cheering and shouting our lungs out supporting our preferred teams. 🙂

At the end of the day, our team actually performed better than expected and we actually managed to won the first to fourth place in a few games. It not only gives us a break from our studies before the final exams and a fun time together with our friends, it also allows us to reminisce our childhood memories which brings us so much happiness and joy 🙂

Group photo!

Egg and spoon race!

Bean bag race!

Space hopper!


Dodge ball friendly game with new friends after the event!

Face painting for the day 🙂

I guess that’s all for today. I’m really happy of the variety of events and activities organized by the University which I would say you will definitely find something that suit your taste during your stay here in Surrey! Looking forward to more interesting activities to join while preparing myself for the upcoming finals. 😛

See you all again next week and take care!


Adeline xx