Malaysian family in Surrey- the MSSS!

Heyyy everyone! Apa khabar? It’s officially the exam week now and everyone here is really busy with studies and revision, which includes me. As a MSc student, this semester is the last taught semester before we need to proceed with dissertation writing next semester, which means this should be the last time I’m taking final exams in university halls in my whole life. 🙁 Can’t believe how time flies as coming to Surrey from Malaysia just feels like yesterday and suddenly in the blink of an eye, I’ve already spent more than 8 months here!

Looking back all the times spent here, it was an amazing journey and I really want to thank God once again for such a blessing, and also my family who supported me financially and mentally to take me here. 🙂 I always dream of UK and EU since young but never thought that I would have the chance to actually live here and experience everything here like a resident. 🙂

Everything here is really amazing, but staying about 13,300 km away from home with 8 hours of time difference still makes me home sick sometime. And thank God again, there’s the Malaysian Student Society Surrey (MSSS) here, which feels like my home away from home. The feeling of meeting people that speaks the same language and craves for same type of foods is just too homey. 🙂

The new committee for 2016/2017 was recently elected and they were really amazing! There are 2 annual major events that will be held near the end of the second semester every year which is the BBQ event by the lake and also Annual Dinner.

The annual BBQ event was held on 14th May this year and attracted around 70 members attending! It was a regret I was away on a HOST visit that time so I couldn’t join. I’ve read on the previous post last year when the other ambassador blogged about the event and I was really looking forward for it before I even came. How cool is it you get to picnic and BBQ beside the school lake (cause Malaysia is just too hot for that 😛 ). Anyways, friends that have attended told me that it was a really wonderful day out with fellow Malaysians just relaxing by the lake and enjoying the sun and food. Let the pictures do the talking!

Look at those chickennnnnnnn 😛

oh how I miss satay 🙁

Picnic time

Girls enjoying themselves by the lake

Having fun with the kids!

Sam even brought his guitar!

Bubble blowing time

Darshyini looking professional with the camera!

BIg big Malaysian family!


Meet the new 2016/2017 committee!

Next, the committee also organised the Annual Dinner on the 27th May, which is held in Treetops inside Wates House on campus. It’s a really fun filled night full of epic games, performances and also lucky draw! I’m really glad I managed to squeeze time out of the busy revision week and attended the event. The night started out with a short speech by the new president and then proceed on with dinner. It then continues on with the games section which was really fun, especially the lip sync battle which we are really entertained by the participants’ performance. 🙂 There was also a lucky draw in between and I was so happy to be one of the lucky ones and got myself a prize (I always don’t have luck with lucky draws 😛 ). We also get to enjoy listening to song performances that night which was really good too and I really didn’t realised before this that we actually have so many good singers in the society! At last, the night ended with award giving session to the best dressed male and female and also photo shoot sessions at the photo booth. 🙂

my table!

Song performance

Our president can sing well!

The guys was amazing 🙂

Lip sync battle 😛

Lucky drawwwwwww 🙂

Best dressed male and female award!

Souvenir for last year students

the pretties 🙂

Having fun with the photo booth!

Darshyini and Me!

Fellow coursemate- Puteri! Love her dress so much 🙂

Meet the new president- Debbie! She’s the best 🙂

A big group photo to end the day!

The MSSS is a really good place to fellowship and gather with fellow Malaysians. The friendship you gained here will last forever and I can’t wait to meet up with them again when I’m back to Malaysia after graduation. 🙂 I strongly encourage all Malaysians that are coming to Surrey in this September or those who are already in Surrey but yet to join the society to remember to sign up when you’re in the Freshers Fayre this September as it will be a fun filled year with more activities coming up!

I guess that’s all for today’s update and it’s back to revision time again. See you all again next week! 🙂

Love xx


p/s: photo credits to MSSS FB page 🙂