Hey guys, how’s everything going on this week? Hope everything is good for you all. I’ve just done my last paper yesterday so this post will be just a short update on how’s life going on here for me this week. 🙂

As the title sounds, EXAM IS FINALLY OVER for me! The last two weeks of exam is really hectic for me. There’s just so many things to read and revise and worried about. Some of the people that are doing coursework based courses might only have 1 final exam but for me I have like 4 papers for all of my courses! Two of the exams even have tight dates between them and I really struggle so hard that few days just to make sure I revised everything for exam. 🙁

Anyways, thank God that everything is finally over! As the Masters degree is a one year course, this means that I have officially finished the taught part and exam part of my degree, which most probably should be the last formal exams I’m doing in a university hall in my whole life. Oh how time flies. 9 months have just passed in the blink of an eye. 3 more months and then I’ll need to say goodbye to all lovely things here. 🙁

So, some of you may wonder, since you’re done with exams and its summer now, why are you not going back home? Oh how I wish I can go back home now as I desperately miss my family and friends, and FOOOOOOOOOD ( I’ve even dreamt of nasi lemak, mamak mee goreng, roti canai, ayam goreng etc in my dreams 🙁 ) But on the other hand I’m really glad cause I get to stay for another 3 months here as this will be the time for us to write our dissertation. The feeling is so complicated as the days of finishing the course comes nearer. I think I will miss this beautiful country and the cold weather dearly (although British always complaint about the rainy weather here, I somehow like it compared to the super hot weather in Malaysia 😛 )

Back to what am I doing after exams. Basically I spent most of the time sleeping just to repay my sleep debt the past two weeks. I also cooked a nice meal of Carbonara pasta to celebrate it 😛 After coming here, I noticed that my cooking skills have inevitably improved alot. I could cook most of the things that I craved for, which is really good and it even became one of my hobbies. 😛

Home made Carbonara pasta!

And oh, I’m going for a weekend trip to Copenhagen tomorrow! Travelling become so much affordable when you’re here in the UK. This was a totally random trip booked like 2 days ago when my flatmate and I was just chatting on the dinner table and then suddenly she suggest to go for a weekend away to celebrate after exams. So I opened up my lappy and started to browse for cheap flight tickets and then I saw Copenhagen – only 30 pounds for a return flight! We were both so happy and proceed to book the flight tickets and accomodation through Airbnb immediately, which is again so much affordable! How I love the EU. 🙂 Life goals like planning a spontaneous trip with friends become so much easily achievable here and I’m really looking forward for the break!

So I guess I’ll stop here as I need to go home and start packing my luggage. 😛  Do stay tuned for the trip updates next week!

Jumpa lagi!

Love xx