Bungee Jumping and Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Bristol!

Heyyy everyone! How’s your week been? It’s the Rio Olympic Games the past few weeks so I guess most of you have been watching the games, especially the badminton games right! Although I didn’t watch most of the games, I’ve been following the updates of the games closely, especially those that are related to Malaysia. Like most of you, I’m really proud of all the athletes that represented Malaysia in the games and just wanna congratulate them and thank them for the effort and medals they’ve won for the country! Malaysia has won a total of 4 Silvers and 1 Bronze this time and it’s the best in the history (also wanna congratulate our neighbour Singapore’s Joseph Schooling for winning a GOLD for Singapore!). We are so close to gold medal when the mixed doubles, male doubles and male single badminton players get into the finals of the game and I bet most of us are really screaming our lungs out cheering for the athletes, especially when it’s the game between Dato Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan and also the final game between Dato Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long. My heart almost skipped a beat as I watch the games live from Brazil. I was really really happy for Dato Lee Chong Wei when he finally defeated Lin Dan and get to proceed into the finals. Watching the game between the 2 is just so amazing and it’s just a piece of great art! And when he finally gets into the final and was playing against Chen Long, I guess most of us are really excited as me and thought that we could finally won a gold medal in Olympics after all these years but well, things doesn’t go as what we thought and looking at Dato Lee Chong Wei apologising to fellow Malaysians for not winning the Gold for us just make me feel so sad. I could imagine how sad he must have been to not able to fulfill his dream of getting a gold Olympic medal as a professional badminton players and all the hard works he has done all these years. Nonetheless, he’s still the champion in my heart and I’m really proud to be a Malaysian because of people like him! Salute Dato Lee Chong Wei, you’re the best! And don’t worry, we still have hope for Gold and lets look forward to the next Tokyo Olympics in 2020! πŸ™‚

Okay that’s abit too long for an intro πŸ˜› Back to the topic today. So I went to Bristol with my friend, Jessie on the 13th August. The trip was a spontaneous one cause both of us has bought a bungee jump ticket with the UK Bungee Club on Livingsocial when they are doing promo- onlyΒ Β£39 for a jump! As Jessie is going back to China soon after dissertation submission, we thought we should go for the jump ASAP and finally saw the perfect time that matches both of us and so we booked it instantly! And to our delight, Bristol is also hosting the annual International Hot Air Balloon fiesta during the weekend we were there and we are extremely excited! πŸ™‚

We set off early in the morning during the day as it’s both our first time in Bristol and we want to make the most out of the day. Jessie is really sweet and even prepared sushi for me as breakfast! Awww how much I love her πŸ˜› After a 3 hours train ride, we finally reached Bristol! πŸ™‚ We walked around and explore the city upon reaching and was really amazed on how beautiful this city is. It’s so different compared to other cities in UK with a mixture of old and vintage buildings with modern architectures and also street arts! We managed to visit the St Mary Redcliffe church, Bristol Cathedral, Clifton Suspension Bridge, walk around Nelson street which is full of street arts and then had a nice Vietnamese ‘Pho’ (noodles) for lunch before going for our bungee jump. πŸ™‚

St Mary Redcliffe Church

The painted glass is just too pretty!

there’s a street market in the city centre!

Β CIMG0311Β Β CIMG0312 CIMG0313 CIMG0316

Me and Jessie infront of the amazing Clifton Suspension Bridge!

Definitely one of my favourite spots in Bristol!

Bristol Cathedral!

The crowd relaxing and watching live Olympic games on the huge screen in the middle of Millennium Square while the kids are playing with water!

After that, we walked from Millennium Square to the Quayside where the bungee jump was supposed to be. As we registered ourselves and waited for our turn, we were looking at other jumpers doing their jump and screaming all the way as they jump off the crane. Me and Jessie started to get scared and was anxiously waiting for our turn. When it was my turn finally, I get really nervous and walked towards the crane. I remember when I stepped into the crane and it started to go up, I was nervous to the max and my legs started to get numb as I try to act calm and listen to instructions of the instructor. When the crane stops in the middle air and the instructor secured the position, I know the time has finally came. He instructed me to stand by the side of the crane door, after counting 3, 2, 1, bungee! He pushed me slightly and there I go, doing my 160 ft bungee jump! The adrenaline rush immediately runs throughout my body and the feeling was too amazing to described! Before the jump, my mind was running thousand questions that I might be thinking during the jump but in fact during the jump, my mind was completely blank and the only think I thought of is if you’re trying to find a way to die, please do not ever think of jumping off a building! πŸ˜› I’m really proud of myself to be able to complete this life challenge and it really boosts my confidence to be preparedΒ for more challenges in life! πŸ™‚

A pic with the instructors before the crane was lifted πŸ™‚

the moment before the jump- my mind is completely blank!

The jump!

Me and Jessie with our certs!

Yayyyy I’ve done it! Another bucket list checked! πŸ™‚

After completing the jump with the adrenaline rush still effecting, we proceed to our final destination in Bristol- the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! When we arrived at the place, I was really amazed by the amount of people there. It’s like attending concert and the crowd is so massive! Besides the main attraction which is obviously the hot air balloons, there are also theme park rides and game stalls for entertainment, and also many different food stalls selling a variety of food to satisfy the crowd. After squeezing through the crowd, we finally managed to find a spot which allows us to sit down and wait for the hot air balloons to be inflated and released. After waiting for ages, the show finally started and so many balloons are being inflated and started to rise up to the sky! Its just so magnificent and wonderful to see! Two of Jessie’s flatmates were also there and they even bought tickets to ride on the hot air balloons and they said its a really amazing and must-try experience!

Look at the crowd!

The hot air balloons before being inflated

up up and away!

Jessie’s flatmates sitting the hot air balloon!

Bye bye! πŸ™‚

So after finish watching the hot air balloon show, we took a Uber car to go straight to the train station to avoid missing the last train back to Guildford. To our dismay, Uber charged us 4.8 times the normal price because of the massive crowd and demand and in the end we paidΒ Β Β£45 for the 10 minutes Uber ride to train station πŸ™ Besides, when we board the train to Guildford, its fully packed and we do not even have the space to move an inch in the cabin. I’ve never been in such a crowded train and we stood more than one and a half hour before getting a seat. πŸ™ By the time we reach home in Guildford, we are really exhausted yet still happy that we managed to finish our bungee jump challenge and visit the hot air balloon fiesta. Overall it’s still a sweet memory! πŸ™‚

Okay guess I’ll end here. I have so much more to go for my dissertation and thus I needa go back and work hard again. This will be one of the last few posts I’m blogging before leaving the campus and I’ll miss all of you alot. πŸ™ So please make sure you read everything and feel free to drop comments or email us at malaysia@surrey.ac.uk if you need anything.

See you guys soon! πŸ™‚

Love xx