Moving to London!

Hello everyoneeeeee! I’m back finally to blog! 😀 Really sorry for disappearing for so long as I’ve been really busy with finalising my dissertation, house moving and working the past few weeks. Life hasn’t been that intense before since coming to UK 🙁 . So how’s everyone been? For all those freshers that just started uni, hopefully you all have managed to settled in smoothly and really starting to enjoy uni life. Just remember that if you need your Malaysian family to talk to, there’s always the Malaysian Society on campus and also feel free to email and Abhi or me will try our best to help out. 🙂 Oh by the way, I would really like to take this chance to welcome Abhi back from placement and also extend my sincere appreciation for maintaining the blog,email inbox and FB page while I’m unavailable the past few weeks 😀 And for those of you that is wondering, I’ll still be around blogging even though I’ve completed my studies and will share more on the life post studies. 🙂

Anyways, since I’m finally free now I would like to share some of my life stories for the past few weeks. Hopefully you all won’t get bored of it 😛

So I’ve UNOFFICIALLY completed my studies upon submitting my dissertation in the beginning of Oct! Fingers crossed that everything will be fine as the results will be announced around end of Nov this year and I could graduate officially by April 17. 🙂 I was struggling really hard with the dissertation and was really relieved when I finally managed to finish it on time and submit it on Surrey Learn. I was so stressed up the whole month before the due date and got stuck in the middle for n times but at last managed to survived thanks to many help, support and encouragement from my beloved friends and family. 🙂 For all those freshers or students that are starting their dissertation soon, I strongly recommended that you do your homework earlier and start drafting everything as soon as possible as there are just too much uncertainties during the research process and thus it’s really better to allocate more time and aim to finish earlier so you will have more time for amendments. 🙂

The end product. Yay! 🙂

After working so hard for this, a pose with the dissertation is a MUST 😛

Moving on from uni, I actually planned to stay in the UK all the way till April 17 until the graduation ceremony before going back to Malaysia. And thus to sustain myself and also fill up the time, I’ve been looking for jobs or internship all around UK and thank God I finally found one in Harrow. Harrow is part of Greater London, and is located at North West of London in zone 5. And thus, I decided to moved to the town to save on transportation and also to make life easier. I was travelling from Guildford to Harrow for the first 2 days of work and it took me approximately 5 hours of travelling per day which is extremely tiring and expensive. After searching up and down and scrolling through thousands of websites, I’ve finally found a nice room with the perfect location in the town center and most importantly the rent is really affordable! For those that are looking or might want to look for long or short term accommodation in future, I strongly recommend using Spareroom, which is really a good website to search for flats or houses without the need of paying agent fees!

So, finally coming into the main point of my blog post to day- moving into LONDON! Did I make it clear enough I’m actually moving into LONDON? 😛 Well I’m repeating myself because it just feels so unbelievable. London has always been the dream city of my life and I didn’t dream that I could actually move into and actually live in London! 🙂 Life is amazing isn’t it. Anyways, I was really happy when I know I’m moving to London, but felt so helpless when it comes to house moving. I have loads of stuffs to move and could not afford to hire a taxi to move as it will cost me about 80 pounds! 🙁 I was so despair and thought I would just take the train a few times to move my stuffs slowly. Thank God Ecclesia came to the rescue. So if you read my previous post, I’ve mentioned Ecclesia, which is the Singapore ambassador for a few times 😛 I think it’s destined for us to become best friends although we’re currently so far away from ASIA. 😀 I really want to say a million thanks to her and also Miya (my former flatmate during my stay in the university) as they accompanied me and helped me during the house moving process.

We basically made the house moving day an outing + house moving. As I have loads of stuffs to move, we’ve decided to just rent a car and stop by a few stops before dropping me off in Harrow. We collected our car at Kendall Car Hire (strongly recommended due to the affordable rates and good condition cars) in the morning and start off our journey. We stopped by New Malden for lunch and dessert. For those of you who don’t know, New Malden is basically the Korean town in UK, it is one of the largest Korean expatriate communities in Europe and is also said to be the most densely populated area of Koreans out of South Korea. And true enough, upon entering the town, we could spot Koreans everywhere and I really thought in a second that we are in Korea! So we went to this restaurant called Kimchi Village for lunch whereby it offers Korean style buffet lunch for only 10pounds which is a real deal! The food was really amazing and I really recommend everyone who goes to New Malden to try it out! We also stop by a cafe called Bingsoo for Matcha Latte as Ecclesia was craving for it. The ambiance of the cafe was really good and there’s even a hot oppa making coffee for us which made the visit more worthy 😛 Before moving on to London, we also stopped by at Seoul Plaza which is a Korean grocery retailer and got some Korean rice and groceries! After that, we moved on to Harrow and started with the house moving project. It took us sometime and thus it was already evening when we’re done and thus we didn’t get to go to many places except Lidl and Tesco for grocery shopping. Anyways, it’s the company that matters and I really enjoyed my time spent with Ecclesia and Miya. <3 and oh, if anyone of you are interested, do check out this vlog that Ecclesia made specially for this house moving date and enjoy! 🙂

a wefie before we start off our journey! 🙂

The lovelies posing in front of the restaurant! 🙂

Sushi and sides! All refillable!!

Looking at the food makes me hungry again………. Yummylicious!

Matcha Latte time!

Cheers to more years of friendship! <3

fun time with the girls 🙂

Oh did I forgot to mention what am I working as? I was looking for business or office related jobs since a few months ago and almost gave up as it was really difficult for international students to find jobs here as priorities will be given to locals and EU students. And also because I’m considered a fresh grad as I don’t have much work experience, job hunting is even tough. But thank God, coincidentally I came across this accounting firm that was recruiting and made me an offer! So I’m basically working as an Accounts Executive in an accounting firm which is part of RDP Newmans LLP. Work life is extremely tense and I’m actually quite happy as I got to learn a lot during work. In fact, it was my first time handling real life accounts and trying to produce a full set of accounts on my own the last few days and accomplishing it really makes me feel good! 🙂 I am looking forward for the coming few months and hope I will be more capable to handle more responsibilities in the company! 🙂

So I guess this will be all for this week. I’ll share more of work life or life staying in London in the coming posts so do stay tuned! And oh, special congratulations for celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! Just a note that I’m extremely proud and happy to say that I could be a part of this celebration and thus I will be heading back to Guildford tomorrow! Stay tuned on my next post as I share on Surrey’s 50th anniversary celebration.

See you all again soon! 🙂

Love xx