Adapting to the Changes

Well I am new to Surrey but definitely not new to UK. Yet I still felt anxious while imagining my new life in Surrey before starting my postgraduate life in International Events Management. Changes are always intimidating because there is no longer a comfort zone. Can’t remember how many times I have been secretly asking whether I am capable to get used to this new life. Luckily, it isn’t that bad as I imagined.

Personally the way I adapt to massive life changes is by making the most of myself. I have kept myself busy and active. From course rep to student ambassador, not to mention endless volunteering outside of university. Advantages of being a course rep and student ambassador at the same time really helps me lots to familiarise with the university, whether what kind of services university supporting or even the simplest; the physical layout of the university(the campus is so big that I need to Google map during my first week!) .

As an event student, being actively engaged with the industry and sociable are keys. Since Surrey is so near to London (a 33 minutes train only!), I signed myself up to a London scheme, named Team London. It is a volunteering scheme to advertise the volunteering opportunities. So far I have already volunteered for a number of events throughout these 3 months in Surrey. To name a few, Speed Networking Event and Taste London Festival. Apart from making new friends for all walks of life, it is always interesting to learn how they set up the event! Designs, layout, managing volunteers, operations side, that is what you call a real industry experience!

 img_1225      img_1442-1

While in university, before having anytime for you to chill and adapt to a ‘half-adulthood’ life, you might find yourself overwhelmed by piles of course works. But nothing is funnier than seeing most of your course mates in the library, fighting with time to finish all those assignments. We share tips on which seats are most comfortable in library, when is the quieter time, and also best food on campus! As a typical Chinese, I love Young’s Kitchen the most because they serve hot rice! Don’t judge please, because hot food and hot soup during winter is the best package for students. Ha! The photos below is one of our courseworks, a presentation to produce whatever event we like.

fullsizerender img_1790-1

(p/s: That is only me in the photos shown because teammates are too shy to have their face published)

Yes my life in first semester appears to be busy, endless work, endless assignment, endless activities going around. It might look a bit too stressful, but actually not. I still have time for myself to jog at Stoke Park in Guildford, to go swimming in Sports Park, to dance, and also food hunting in London (I will tell you more about that in next post!).

Changes are intimidating, exhilarating but it can be beautiful. Enjoy it, and always appreciate and applaud yourself for striving through! Well, this ending might be a bit cheesy and tacky, but I swear, these motivational quotes are actually quite useful. ( I am not ashamed at all for sharing all these cheesy philosophies ha!)