Hey! Sorry I’m late

Hey everyone, it’s very nice to finally write something! My name’s Iman Ezidy and I’m one of the new ambassadors for Malaysia. I’m currently a first year Psychology student at the University of Surrey and I will be blogging on this platform every week until I finish my degree 🙂

Now that we’ve got all the formalities out of the way, I think the best way to start this internet friendship of ours is by blogging about how I got here; leaving nasi lemak for jacket potatoes

I previously took International Baccalaureate in Kolej MARA Seremban in Negeri Sembilan which wasn’t so far away from home (Bandar Baru Bangi for those of you who may be wondering). Got good grades and decided Surrey was the place for me. I fell in love looking at their brochures, website and especially watching the videos by Stag TV (the university’s student-run YouTube channel). I applied through UCAS with the help of an agency called MABECS and by the end of September, there I was, a small asian kid who was already so lost but now had to deal with the fact that my on-campus accommodation wasn’t ready. Oh what an epic beginning to this adventure.

Unfortunately, some things got mixed up and my room wasn’t ready for another 2 days. Thankfully, I travelled to the UK with a college mate of mine and ended up crashing at her room for a few days. It was a good thing too because none of her flatmates had moved in and it was kinda creepy for her to had stayed by herself. Did I mention I have a YouTube channel? Haha yeah I vlog occasionally (trying to up my game by uploading weekly vlogs but heres to hoping) you could see how my first few days went by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0tgV8mE3ew

I guess that would be it for now. The vlog shows you how much struggle I had but at the same time I was too excited to care honestly. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to blog about! I’ll see you in my next post you guys <3

With love,
Iman Ezidy