Events Management in Surrey

After every travel pieces I shared, finally I have a week to blog about normal uni life!

This time let me tell you the perks of being an event student in Surrey.
Firstly, you have loads of assessment. (Well, I know that should not count!) Haha!
What I meant is that we have loads of interesting coursework.
I ain’t particularly like to read and write, academically. I meant, I like reading, but not those thick textbook like the Sejarah or Bio in high school.

We have those interactive one.

  1. Analysis of business and cultural events
    This requires us to visit the biggest international exhibition for event organisers to supplier or anything event related. What is more important than that is, we get in for free! and we earn the travelcard for free too! which means, a free schooltrip! (typical poor student here)

    We met a lot of industry professionals, even some graduates as well. So much information going on that I was overwhelmed whilst amazed and impressed.

    See the photos below!

    17021558_1214677008628282_6588580776271838417_n 17021926_1214676995294950_7449003794890459068_n 17022039_1214677148628268_4887146810608805210_n 17098255_1214676878628295_8849943016124568869_nimg_3671 img_3675
    But, but but!!! the most important thing of course is MAKAN with friends!!!!

  2.  Organising event
    Yes we are currently terribly busy. As we need to organise an event by the first week of May, what is worse is to compete among your friends and meeting all other deadlines. At some point, really wanna flip table already lolll. But just kidding. Flip table also cannot pass the module, so better keep the table calm ha!
    “la la land” is our team’s theme. but then we are struggling to make sure we don’t have copyrights issues with the name! Meanwhile you will need to get sponsors, then we struggle to initiate proposal and contracts. Then you will need to deal with those lightings and PA system too. So mannnnyyyyy thingsssss to deallllllllllll~~~~
    But I can assure, it will be all worth it at the end of the course!
    star-2-copyHere you go. This is the first draft of our event! And I can’t wait to dress up as Mia, and listen to Seb’s Jazz!!!
  3. Pen off. I better get ready for tomorrow’s agenda, which is an event conference in Granada, Spain. Yes, that is the 3rd perks in this semester.

Feel free to check out our event on facebook! (Getting my event exposed here, ha!) Nah, feel free to leave any comments if you have any enquiry about Event Management course. I will share my experience at my best! Till next time.