Offer Holder Day

Hey everyone, Syazwan here with another student blog ! Recently, I had the opportunity to work on University of Surrey’s offer holder day as a student ambassador. I wanted to share with you guys what to expect on the day itself.

Offer Holder day is an event where prospective students visit the university to find out more about their course.

At 8:30 am, offer holders began entering the PATS marquee and registering themselves. Student ambassadors gave out brochures related to the students’ particular course. Refreshments like cookies and coffee were provided as everyone waited for the event to officially start. 

Later, a video was played which gave the offer holders a look into what life at Surrey is like. Shortly after this, student ambassadors brought visitors to their next venue. For my course, which is Media and Communication, my team and I guided visitors to the Austin Pearce building. 

The offer holders and their parents looked at a powerpoint presentation done by the Media and Communication department. Some of the topics discussed were regarding student life, employability, and the modules available on our course. It was very informative and I’m sure the visitors learned a lot of new information.

When the presentation was finished, refreshments like carrot cake, brownies and coffee were provided. This was also a chance for visitors to ask lecturers or student ambassadors any questions. 

After this, it was time for a short taster session. I brought the prospective media and communication students to the Rik Medlik building. In this 30 minute session, the students were able to experience a bit of the module “Fans and Audiences” in the form of a lecture.

Offer holders and their parents could then go on campus tours led by the student ambassadors, to familiarise themselves with the university.

I hope this blog gave you an idea of what offer holder day is like here at the University of Surrey !