What is the Malaysian Surrey Society all about? And why should you be part of it?

Being a part of a student society is an enriching experience. Not only do you have the chance to meet new people, but you can also learn new skills and gain valuable experience that will help you in your future career. One society that you should definitely consider joining especially as a Malaysian is the Surrey Malaysian Society, and here’s why:

  1. Connect with the Malaysian community

As a Malaysian student studying abroad, it can be challenging to stay with your roots and enjoy celebrations that you would normally celebrate with your family back home. The Surrey Malaysian society offers you just that, you can also celebrate Malaysian festivals and events with other Malaysian students, which will make you feel less homesick.

  1. Develop leadership and organizational skills

Being part of the committee of the Surrey Malaysian Society is so rewarding as it helps you develop many essential leadership and organization skills which will be invaluable for your future career. You will be in charge of organizing events, managing budgets, and communicating with members.

  1. Expand your network

The Surrey Malaysian Society is not just limited to Malaysian students; it also welcomes students from different backgrounds who are interested in Malaysian culture. By joining the society, you can expand your network and connect with students from other courses and faculties.

  1. Gain valuable experience

As part of the committee, you will have the opportunity to organize events, plan meetings, and create marketing strategies. These experiences will be valuable additions to your CV and will show future employers that you have practical skills and experience in organizing events and managing projects.

  1. Have fun!

Finally, being part of the Surrey Malaysian Society is just plain fun! You can attend events, participate in cultural activities, and make new friends. These experiences will make your university life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

The Surrey Malaysian Society is currently looking for new applicants to be part of the committee team for the academic year of 2023/24. The available positions are president, vice president, treasurer and social media director. If you are interested, reach out to our communication platforms (Instagram, WhatsApp group, email) to send in your manifestos or communicate with us if you have any enquires. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Surrey Malaysian Society today and have the experience of a lifetime!